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Seems like the summer heat has arrived at last, in september!! It has been soo hot this last few days!Not that i'm complaining! The next OOTD pictures were taken today just before i left the house while the coffe and desserts photos were taken in a lovely caffe in Mafra (yeeh i love that town) called Polo Norte with a reputation that macthes the quality and friendly environment!

The blue ankle pants, my go-to piece this summer, are from Promod.
The green top is from Mango.
The nude shoes are from a very portuguese shoe shop Calçado Guimarães.
My summer obsession / love, the wanna be crocodile shoulderbag is from Ricamel, shop nº51 inside the Shopping Mall of Carcavelos.
The necklace is a mystery!:P I bought it along with the shell bracelet, see here, from a local merchant. I just thought it looked kinda tribal and pretty and it was just 3 euros so why not? But what is it made of i can't tell since i didn't ask the seller about it.

 And now the Coffes!!!

Does it look good or what?

The two cakes on the first picts are called Parras, and they're made of fresh eggs,on the inside and on the outside of thin puff pastry. And it tastes like heaven!Okay not really but they are really good.
As you can see there's a good variety of cakes to buy even by the slice, all at an affordable price starting at 45 cents. Those slices of chocolate cake or almond delightfully decorated with fruit and chocolate are 1,15 euro each and all edible of course. So yeah it's really a nice place to go if you happen to be in the neighborhood. The calories? Oh dear if you're gonna think like that than you better not go out to eat like..anywhere in Portugal. But for a one time go out why not?Just spend an extra 15-30 min in the gym. By the way Polo Norte also sells fresh bread and makes various kinds of custom cakes: birthdays, parties, engagements, weddings ...

Those 2 concentrated tiny little cups of coffee are 60 cent each and they guarantee a safe home return :P Pure coffe my friends! 

Sure i couldn't return home without bringing some cakes to the rest of the family, so here they are! 
  1 Parra for my sister. This is what the inside looks like. I don't know why but i feel so naughthy posting this pict.XD

 1 travesseiro ( "pillow") for daddy. Original from Sintra. It is also made ​​of fresh eggs and pastry, but completely different from the Parra. Why? Nobody knows the recipe. Secrets centuries old.
 1 trança ("braid") to share with my mother!Guess what's made off?

And thats all!


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