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These pictures were taken last Friday in Mafra. A town "mostly know for the sumptuous Palace" built by D.John V in the 18th century and it's only the greatest baroque work in Portugal. The Mafra National Palace has also inspired the Portuguese writer José Saramago to write a book that would be awarded with the Nobel Prize.
   Yes, Mafra is an unforgettable and mystical city that allows us to travel back in time. 

   The blue pants below the knee are from Promod and definitely one of my go-to pieces this summer. I love it when i buy a piece just because it was on sale and ended up being my favorite piece!!
   The sleeveless pink and stretch shirt is from Primark. 
   The denim jacket is one old resident in my closet and it's from Mango.

   Ah yes, my summer obsession. A beautiful shoulder bag that mimics the crocodile skin. I absolutely love this bag. I found it by chance in a small shop inside a small shopping mall close to the train station in Carcavelos. It was the last one and the quality is unbelievable, it's so good!! The price tag was 78 euros but i bought it for 70 euros lalala. 
    It's real leather that has been hot molded to create the texture of a crocodile skin. It's a bag that in 5 years will still look the same. Totally worthy it!!

The necklace is directly from my mum's huge and private colection :p But i believe she got it from Bdesign...

These are the shoes that i've been wearing all summer long. Nude color, loved the design, comfortable, loved the heel and loved the price 29,99 from Calçado Guimarães! And they go well with pretty much everything!So thumbs up!

The watch was a birthday gift from my father's. It's from Swatch.

And the lovely shell bracelet i bought during summer holidays a couple of years ago in Portimão from a local merchant by the sea. One of a kind piece since each shell is unique and always different.

     An easy, cheap, simple, casual and very comfortable outfit. Perfect for a day well spent close to a place where part of Portugal's history was made. You gotta visit Mafra you won't regret it. If u're close by then i advise you to visit it.  

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