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The word for lunch was Try something New!
Me and my adorable mum have been eyeing this Russian restaurant, Stanislav. We asked around, everyone recommended it and saw online that they have this special offer for lunch during the week: 1 bottle of water, 1 main course, 1 dessert and 1 coffee for 7€. A pretty amazing price considering some dishes are alone 12€.
So why not go there on her b-day? The big finale for 4 months of consecutive birthdays in our family.
Off we went and ordered 4 of this special offer and since the waitress was so lovely to have them in bystreet everyone got the chance to try a bit of every dish.

As an entree, Schuba Salad (not part of the 7€ menu) a cold salad consist of raw mackerel, sugar-bett, tomato, lettuce, a typical russian sauce with sliced cheese on top.
First of all the presentation is amazing, all so put together and pretty. Secondly, I've never had a salad which just a heavy taste of fish, specially raw. I don't know how they do it, but it's really good. An interesting and promising first try.

I always advice people trying new dishes to ask either the waitress or others customers what to try first, as a first experience. Everyone recommend us to try the stuffed aubergines and we did.
It's a warm entree. It doesn't taste at all like the raw aubergines I have in my normal salad.
It's Aubergines filled with cheese and garlic. A soft, warm and the most different food I have ever tried to this day. It's comes with tomato and sliced cheese as well, it's a strange food but no less good. A very typical & curious Russian dish.

As a main dish it's Vareniki - Basically it's ravioli stuffed with stewed vegetables, covered by smetana (a clotted cream). It comes with mushrooms, tomato and fried onion on top (which I usually don't like but this one I freaking loved it).
Again it's ravioli but not really, only the shape is similar to the Italian ravioli. The taste is completely different. Also it's homemade. Be sure to eat it from different places of the plate or else you'll only try one type of Vareniki.

The 3rd one was Golobsi. Savoy cabbage stuffed with minced meat, covered by smetana. At first when the lady said what Golobsi was I immediately thought I wouldn't like (I hate savoy cabbage). Oh boy was I wrong.
It was my favorite. Again I don't how they make it taste so differently but I'm all for it. The minced meat is similar to our though. The cabbage was moist, with a hint of tomato sauce (I'm guessing here). It was an absolute pleasure to eat it.

The last main dish was Chicken Kiev or Котлета по-киевски. Chicken breast stuffed with butter sauce and herbs. Served with salad, rice, carrot and do you see that round odd looking food on the back? We first thought it was bread but guess what it's a potato pancake. How freaking awesome!
Well this was the most "normal", the most similar dish we tried that day. But no less tasty oh no, the chicken was yummy.

As dessert, the Russian ones were long gone and we were left with apple or chocolate pancakes. Since it was on the menu, we figured why not? But given the choice I would option for a Russian dessert. Next time.

The outside of the restaurant
I loved it!
It exceeded my expectations. It's amazing just how many ways there are of cooking simple food like aubergines or raw mackerel.
Another restaurant I recommend. Stanislav in Cascais, close to the Praia da Baía, near the Hotel Baía. Next to the waters building behind the bank.
Not sure if there's another in Lisbon or other parts of the country.
Birthdays are always a great excuse to eat like crazy at amazing places aren't they? At least for me XD
What should I try next? So far I've tried Indian, Brazilian, Israelite and now Russian. I wanna try Mexican or Cuban next.
Open to suggestions!

Happy Weekend jeitosas

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  1. Sim querida são bastante pigmentadas :)

  2. Mnham mnham, parece saboroso!

    Obrigado por me seguires :) Estou a seguir-te de volta!

  3. yummy, I love your food posts.
    The aubergines look delicious!