Por fim cedi....

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   I'm positive that pretty much all the beauty lovers have heard about the wonders of the Moroccanoil. This hair care has truly taken the beauty world by storm, and by the looks of it, it's here to Stay.
   The oil, original from Israel, promises more elasticity, shine, strength, condition, reduction of the drying time and revive the hair.
    And I've been for the last 3 months or so, flirting with it, sorta of speak, whether or not I should buy it, until 2 weeks ago I did it. 
    I came across with a really nice uk website that sells all the Moroccanoil range, and wait for it because the best thing is that it offers FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY on all orders, it would be rude not to try, right? That being said I chose the smaller bottle of 25ml at £12,45 for all hair types (click here).
    Although it isn't the fastest shipping for in my case, and i live in Portugal, from ordering online to receiving the email of the dispatch confirmation it took nearly 3 days, and for the actual package to arrive it was another 6 working days, it's the one that better protects the order. The bottle came inside a cardboard box safely sealed and it was quite difficult to dig up the product from all the styrofoam. Ah!

So enthusiasm aside and after forcing every single hair head in my home to try it, here are my first impressions:

--- The recipient it's made of an amber glass. So the oil must be vulnerable to the heat, UV light and humidity. So keep that in mind and keep it some place appropriate and no the bathroom's cabinet it's not a choice (humidity).

--- I wish it would have a dropper or a pump to facilitate the use. I'm afraid I'll end up by spilling the oil all over my hand.

--- It really is an oil, quite dense but not viscous. I expected it to be more like a liquid but no.

My Verdict:

---Shine: YES definitely. One of the first things i notice right after applying the oil.

---Condition: YES, YES, YES. My hair was left so soft yet weightless, just amazing..i couldn't keep my fingers from running through it.

---Reduction of the drying time: Surprisingly YES! Perfect for the winter and rainy / humid countries.

---Strength and revival of the hair: I believe this is the kind of improvements that i'll only be able to see after a couple of months of using it.

Overall: I now believe in the wonders of the Moroccanoil. And you only need a small amount each time. Ah!

 So there you go!!

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