Ericeira, Once again

15:06 Ana 4 Comments

Only these time i bring photos from the centre of Ericeira, the local merchants, those light coloured houses a necessity to fight off the hot summer days, those bumpy sidewalks, the hand-painted titles.

But sadly i can't show you the best.
The sounds of relaxed and lazy laughs, the mouth-watering smell of grilled fish and the smell of bread just out off the oven, the warm heat of the summer sun hitting my face, the different languages emphasising Ericeira's charms, the rich salty smell of the ocean brought the warm wind swinging my hair.

It's beautiful. 
But as my favourite writer once wrote :" To define the beautiful is to misunderstand it" therefore i'll leave you the photos to decide for yourselves.

Hope u've liked the photos. I'm so partial when it comes to the sea.XD
Have a rest of an awesome weekend and a good week!

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  1. Nunca lá fui, mas só pelas imagens já gostei e muito! :)

  2. These are amazing photos dear, you capture it perfectly. I love the colorful buildings and cobblestone pathway. The beach and the sea looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing this hun

  3. what a beautiful selection of photos! your descriptions, the sea and those sweet houses remind me of my trips to Crete island. I miss those times :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I think this is truly a beautiful place. One more to my looooong list of places that I would LOVE to visit someday.. World is full of pretty cities, I'd like to find the most perfect gems among them (not some huge tourist destination, I don't like those really..)

    Thank you so much for the cute comment! :) My bracelet is in fact two chains put together with neon yellow string! Bought from store Lindex.

    I hope you stop by again sometime, and maybe even become my follower someday :) I'm following your blog to keep up with all these lovely places and most of all, desserts ! :D

    Indie by heart