Oceanic swimming pool

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Hello bloggers!!
For the last couple of days i find myself preferring the pool instead! Odd choice for me 'cus i love the ocean and to feel the soft sand underneath my feet, i even went to the beach today.
For those of you who don't know what an oceanic pool means, is your ordinary pool but the water comes from the ocean,so it's still salty, but it's constantly filtered therefore more transparent.
So the usual "i've got sand everywhere" doesn't exist, the water is warmer, is cm away and you're entitled to a chaise lounge! Sounds good to me! 

Other than the sun, and the beach/pool, i went to the shopping mall to take a look on the sales and honestly to see the clothes for the upcoming fall/winter season.
I had a delicious dinner out at an Indian restaurant, just AMAZING, oh my those flavours, sauces and their spices are to die for!If only i could do it at home...better not :p

The "Festas do Mar" have already started and on the first night it was full, like i've never seen Cascais! 
A week full of concerts, firework and  the typical food fairs aka popcorns and "farturas"

Ah it's good to be on vacation ahah
For those of you who are also on vacation, have a wonderful time, for those who don't i hope everything goes awesomely well.

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  1. Looks like you're making the most out of your vacation! I haven't been to an oceanic pool but it sounds nice. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!