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I know talking about beauty products is a big topic turn in my blog, but since i'm almost out of my facial cream i've been searching what other fish was there in the ocean... from there to beauty videos and posts was a tiny step. Add to it a generous pile of empty bottles, some from brands not widely discussed and here it is, products i've used up so far.

1 - The Ultra-Matte Moisturising Fluid from Thalgo. It has a nice scent, leaves my face feeling fresh, matte and nourished enough. I think it's an ideal face cream to use specially after face masks. And you can use as a base before foundation. It's target more to oily skins, for those who need a cream that hydrates but most of all prevents the greasy / oily complexion. Therefore not the best for me right now, my skin nowadays is turning less and less oily, thank God! The downside? It's expensive. But it's still a good product worth the try. But I won't buy it again, i'll try to find a face cream more suited. Can be found at feelunique.

2 - The Emollient and cleansing gel from Avène. Soap and fragrance free, indicated for very dry, sensitive and atopic skin. It's a very "safe" and gentle yellowish gel, that cleans without dehydrating the skin like most do. After steeping out of the shower my skin doesn't feel itchy or flaky. I've been using it for the last 1,5 years and because it's expensive, each bottle of 400ml is over 20-22 euros, what I do is mixed it up with a normal gel. But from now on, my dermatologist advised me to switch and try a "lipid-replenishing" from La Roche Posay, we'll see how that goes. If it's a disastrous than i'll gladly go back to these one.

3 - Color Save Shampoo by Schwarzkopf. It's Sulfate free, therefore prevents the hair from loosing hydration but it's doesn't lather up which I find quite annoying when i'm washing my hair. Because I have oily roots I like a shampoo than lathers up just enough to easily & quickly wash my scalp but with these product it was a longer and difficult thing to achieve. Other than protects my hair color, cleans well, doesn't build up but for the price I think i can find better. It's an Ok product for me, the all Sulfate-free doesn't work for me. So no I won't buy it again.

4 - Normaderm Anti-Age from Vichy. I love it. I even cut it open to get a couple more uses of it.  It's basically a 2 in 1 gel-cream texture that hydrates, mattifies as well prevents the first signs of ageing, lighting up those dark spots. Among the main compounds there's glycolic acid, Vitamin C and Silica.
I've done a review on it here, almost a year now. It's my second bottle, it's around 10 euros and i'll definitely be buying it again.

550+ SPF sun cream from Avène. Always important to use a SPF sun cream to prevent sun damage and premature ageing, it's has a pump making it easy to apply. My face isn't left white, I even use before the foundation. Retails at about 16 euros. Definitely getting a new one.

6- Caudalie Anti-oxidant lip conditioner. I didn't like, it was a disappointing product. Not the easiest to apply, didn't do anything to moisturise my lips, has a waxy texture to it. It's a shame. Bleck!

5Benzac 5% from Galderma. Containsbenzoyl peroxide, a compound specifically to treat acne.Not an antibiotic. Similar to Panoxyl 5%. Except benzac it´s more like a gel instead of a cream. It works wonders! But there's still need for a prescription. I've never tried panoxyl but i didn't find benzac to be so drying as i feared, but again it's a gel therefore contains more water than a cream. Penetrates well on my skin, reaching the internal pimples. It's around 8 euros. I want another one, no question about it.

6- Vasenol shea butter lip therapy. It does moisturise my lips but it needs a bit of a hard pressure, not smooth to apply. Has a funky smell. It's an okay product. I bought it at 1,99 euros. But I won't purchase it again. There's better ones for the same price.

Hope you've found these uncharacteristic post from me informative.
Please share your opinions and advices.
What daily face cream should I try?I'm getting the Vichy one, but i like to have an alternative to switch it up.


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