We had a day off!!!!

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  Yes last Wednesday we had a national holiday! Now what I did during that day? Well i did a group study with one of my best friends, the gorgeous Viorica and the both of us packed our things and went study to the local library! And we did a little walking the village after we were done studying and our brains couldn't absorb any more information. :p
 Hope you enjoy the photos!


 i was like no don't laugh, play it cool, play it cool!XD

 We happned to see there was a little fair going on

Anyone thinking i need to bring that leopard print chair to my bedroom?

 I was in heaven!!

Baía de Cascais
This is the lovely Viorica, isn't she gorgeous?I think so:D


The big line was to get in....
What else could it be?

A tone of photos but it was just so beautiful we couldn't resist!! Let me know what u think about the village of Cascais!
Beijinhos and have a good weekend!

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  1. Sim eu estive em Portugal este verao :) mesmo , nao esteve nada bom tempo durante o verao e ja ouvi dizer que esteve muito bom o tempo agora :)
    Sara xoxo

  2. It looks like a beautiful city! I'd love to go there some day :) Great photos!

  3. Such a gorgeous place and the beach is so dreamy! Plus I want that leopard chair :-)

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog Ana! I agree that a lot of values have become distorted in a way that it's becoming harder to find relationships that last beyond a couple of years or even months. To me, the majority of people don't want to work hard or take the other person for granted. Or they think being love with the same person forever is unrealistic. It just means that they're selfish so they will come up with any excuse to justify their behavior. It's sad but I hope that there are more movies like "UP" in the future! xoxoxoxoo

  4. Oh my....what jewellery...i wanna go there,too. What did u buy??

  5. The village looks so beautiful!

  6. It looks beautiful. I love the picture where you see the sea and then the steps and the hotel behind it and your sitting on the steps!!

  7. I like Your blog very much! beautiful photos! I think I'll follow you !! Big hugh from Italy! ;)
    if you want look my sketches

  8. It all looks so beautiful! now following :) xx