An afternoon just for me and myself alone!

17:46 Ana 7 Comments

    Hey there my lovelies!! Hope you've had a good week! For me it has been another of those busy, busy, busy weeks, being all day in uni, then studying, assessments, spending 3 hours/day on the public transport yes i've hardly had some time for me, to relax and enjoy simple pleasures like watching television, blogging and just being girlie!I miss that! So this afternoon after another well spent morning at the Hospital i was graving for some solo quality time!hihi
     So i grabbed my favorite face mask put in on and sat down on my couch watching, a recorded, new serie that premiered this last Monday on Fox Downton Abbey, while eating my delicious homemade honey cake (see recipe here) accompanied by a cup of coffee!! Oh how wonderful!!:D

     I've been using this mask for so long...since i was 14 if i remember correctly. I use it whenever my skin is feeling tired, dehydrated and lacking luminosity, just doll :S when it's matt way too much for my taste. After using it my skin feels soooo soft, fresh and bright! I really love this stuff, and it's not expensive i think is was less than 10 euros. It's made of natural clay and cucumber great as u probably know for oily skin as well as for dry skin. I really like it. I get it from a natural food store, "Celeiro"....i think that's the store name...

Disclamer: The downton abbey photos do not belong to me!
I'm in love with this "new" serie!! It's addict, the love story, the plots, the gossip, the clothes, the way they behave and misbehave, the manner of speaking, the views!All those hidden feelings and emotions but yet visible through theirs eyes!! I'm a hopeless romantic:P What do u say? Have u seen it yet?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I hope you can enjoy your weekend after the busy week! x

  2. Hi Ana! Can you tell me the name of the facial mask you use? I'm in need of a new one! And I haven't seen that movie but it sounds really good! It's good to know that we're both hopeless romantics! xoxoxoo

  3. Great ! Come to see my page and follow me if you like it !

  4. Hi Ana! I just wrote the longest comment and Google deleted it so here I am again. Thank you for the loveliest comment on my blog and for sharing the information on the face mask...I guess I'll have to find a similar one here. I can't wait to check out "Downtown Abbey" because I'm a big fan of British period movies! I wish movies like "Pride and Prejudice" are made more often because this is what real love is! I feel sad when I think about how our future generations are growing up with these stupid Hollywood romantic comedies that glamorize cheating and if they're funny. Anyway, I'm glad that we both appreciate great movies! xoxoxoxoo

  5. seems like you have really nice skin and that
    mask sounds lovely! the cake, kiwi, and coffee
    looks delicious! :)