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Hello, hello ma dears!! Did u miss me?:P
Another terrible busy week!Urgh where are the holidays??:P I don't really remember at these point what it feels like to sleep past 7h00 a.m. that's how crazy it has been!! But i wouldn't have any other way i'm just studentaholic like that :P
I'm not just sure if i've said that the first 4 months of the year are full with birthdays, one after the other, so after my sis's and dad's, these past week was MY own birthday!!Yup i turned 18...for the 4th time :D gosh!
So i'll just show u a few bits of my b-day, mainly the dinner out obliviously!:D

Ahah me biting the poor candle a crazy fun sorta tradition u bite it and ask a wish, nonetheless it's one tradition i'm very fond of doing it as u can see up there!the cake's décor well that's my mum's doing...not going to comment it though :p
So the elect restaurant for my b-day was the "O Caneira" oh so well know for their delicious & local roast pork. So it isn't a surprise that their symbol is a friendly PORK!

A yummy fresh cheese!With that cute little shape, u're suppose to cut it in pieces and then sprinkle it with salt or / and pepper, and eat it!
It has a lluscious, tender taste to it and yet light, definitely worth the try if u're up to it.

So next, was the main course, a tasty pork roasted to sheer perfection. The meat was tender and tasty and well cooked and then on the outside a crispy skin!!Oh-oh praise be the heavens!
Accompanied by a light salad and some fries.
And then on that clay pot with that flowers (looks so home made doesn't it?:D) there's some "Arroz de Miudos" made specially of rice with gizzards and livers, not exactly my cup of time but still good! I'm that type of weird person that separates the liver from the beloved rice, but it's a favourite for my parents!I'm sure that with age i'll came aorund...or not!:D
And oh gosh how can someone get some "leitão assado" or roast pork without some champagne??
After the arrival of ma dear champagne, thought not sweet like i prefer but still damn good, i was happy and set for a perfect lunch out!AH

And then just so we could digest that heavy lunch we went for a walk on the beach, these time the "Azelhas do Mar". Such a gorgeous and friendly place to walk, relax or even for a date!
I'll just let the picts speak for itself.

So picturesque, right?I love the colours, that vibrant green and the icy blue on the background, and that clear white houses on top, and the sound of the river flowing and the sounds from the frogs that live there. I consider these place as a finding it's so gorgeous! How the hell can i not love my country?!

Happy week everybody, tomorrow i'll stay at home  and studying since there's a strike of the transports bleck how annoying!


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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog ~ Ana :)
    I can tell that you are also a food lover! haha
    Me toooo!! :) your food look so yummy! especially your cake!
    Btw, happy birthday.!
    I also updated more pictures from my trip to Korea.
    There are more yummy food -* Check it out and hope you like it!

  2. Thank you for your comment! :)

  3. Também eu gosto de relógios vintage! Tenho vontade de comprar quase todos os modelos ahah.
    Adorei as fotos :)