Ericeira and Seafood

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Hi there my dears!!
How have u been? I'm back at uni once again, which means less time to my guilty pleasures, to blog like there's no tomorrow but i'll keep making my apperance whenever i can.
Anyhow, after that yummy birthday cake we obliviously had to go out to celebrate my dad's 51st anniversary. Oh well who am i kidding? B-days are just an excuse to go eat out at our favourites (and not so cheap:/) places!! We were so excited to go back to one of our fav restaurants "Viveiros do Atlântico" in Ericeira.
Ericeira or a.k.a the mecca for surf in Europe is basically a fisherman's village, a center of commerce and seafood gastronomy it goes way back from the 12th century! It's so different, so rustic, so charming, i love that smell of the sea filling  the air...
It has famous surf beaches, and also if you prefer like me, miles of pure oasis sand and clear, rich mineral water!

 Anyway the restaurant we went to, "Viveiros do Atlântico" , has been one of our longest fav, although we haven't been there for 3 years. Still the service is amazing and they offer a huge variety of dishes mainly seafood. When we got there it was full! We had to give our names, but it was still pretty quick and the food yummy!! But the price for that particular dish i'm showing in the pict OMG it's outrageous expensive even though it has pretty much single seafood possible, rare or not. It was amazing nonetheless, worth the experience and came on when are we coming back, probably not for another 3 years.

Some tourist pict we took while in Ericeira. It was such a bright day!

                                     I hope u've enjoyed my post of today, and i wish u all a great week!!!

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  1. lovely photos!
    I wish it was just as warm here!
    the seafood looks delicious! yummy :p
    who doesn't like to enjoy great food! :p

  2. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment, it made my day!
    The photos look amazing and the food - so good. (:

  3. Great beach shots and the food looks fantastic! Thanks for you comment on my blog!

  4. omg that seafood looks delicious!!

    nice photos :)