OOTD - The Pinky Shirt

16:13 Ana 2 Comments

    The sun has been joking around with us!! During summer was a no show, but now in the last week of september we have 28º C!!It was suppose to be 20ºc at the very most so that we wouldn't feel bad returning to the routine, but oh no now that i can't enjoy the weather and have to be all day long in rooms and trains he's here!! I'm mad at him!why does he have to be so mean?! :s
    Well either way i felt like doing an OOTD!

Yes i know i said it was super hot, but early in the morning was quite chilly actually! And since i'm a pharmacy college student i know how pills are made and the long-term consequences it has to our bodies so i believe its "better to prevent than to be sorry later" so i prefer wearing jackets to taking aspirins and ibuprofens! :p

This is why i like doing OOTD, i have so much fun, i laugh and laugh and keep on laughing about my goofy faces, my awkardness & pretty much eveything!

white leggings from zara; belt from primark; wedges from Teresinha; pink t-shirt from promod; denim jacket from Mango.

Enjoy the sun if you can!!

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  1. Ohhh :) Ainda bem que gosta do meu blog e obrigada pelo comentário, ajuda imenso ouvir coisas assim!
    estou a seguir :)