Jane Austen I need you!

16:49 Ana 4 Comments

   This week has been hard. The heat, adjusting to new routines, new people, new adversities... And this heat i can't take it anymore is starting to not let me sleep at night so i'll get headache all day long.And i wanna wear my fall clothes :P and not spend my entire day sweating like a pig yuck!
   But this morning was a breath of fresh as it was a slap in the face. The smiles, sincere thanks and affection of the ones i helped during the volunteer and the bad manners, rudeness and discussions normal to the emergency services i would say, but it's exausting as it is fulfilling :D I love it! Oh and today i got to practice a litle bit of my english since some turists showed up!No major injuries rest assured!They were so nice and funny!:D
   Either way when i got home i was in a serious need of energy & peace injection if that even makes sense, so I turned to my favorite english author Jane Austen and her Pride & Prejudice

   Because i love: the story, the love , the happy ending, the caracter's sweetness, the respectul and rightful manners, the romantic writing and because there's something peaceful yet inspiring about love storys specially these one by Jane Austen. 

  And what better way to read a book if not with a cup of tea or even coffee?

Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. My most favorite book of all time! It's arguably the most romantic book in English literature. I also love Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira Knightley..I think it really captures the spirit of the book, don't you think? xoxoxoo

  2. Também adoro um bom livro =)*

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  4. Thank you so much for your comment :) I haven't read this book, which is not a surprise, since I have to read so many books for school this year that I hardly ever find some time for myself...

    xoxo, Dominika.