OOTD - Neutral Tones!

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      Yeah, it's the 3rd week of September and it's HOT!!Just to think that in certain days of the last month, August, I had to wrap myself in my towel because it was too damn cold on the beach (sighs) And now that I gotta return to college and use the trains, the metro, the bus it's freaking hot!Just today were 29ºC!Don't get me wrong i love the summer and all but it's just a suffering to go back and forward with this heat!

    So this is my choice for these current busy & hot days. The Sleeveless Nude t-shirt from Stradivarius, really light and fresh. The white leggings from Zara because i don't like to go to college and use the public transports with a skirt is guaranteed that I will have to run at some point during the day AH! The neutral heels from Calçado Guimarães but i have inside that lovely leather shoulderbag a pair of flats rest assured!

        Blue bracelet a gift from a dear friend from Bijou Brigitte. Watch from swatch.

My summer obsession / love, the wanna be crocodile shoulderbag.

   Just keep smiling and being happy!

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